So you have a ton of incriminating evidence that your spouse is cheating or still cheating and somehow you still are not satisfied? You are going to end the marriage for sure, right? but you just want a little more cheater crumbs so you can be more sure than the sure you already are, am I right?

I guess you can get help now, or get help later, but in the mean time I am going to share with you my DIY methods which consist of a few private eye type products, some cockamamie, but effective ideas on flushing out the scumbag, ways to analyze your cheater’s web tracks and some physical clues right under your nose.

The DIY Catch a Cheater kit doesn’t really come in a cool box. It’s just some tools and tactics that may be helpful to you since you refuse to let it go. Yeah, me too.

Look Up Tools Decent Free Ones

Cheap Tracking Devices vs. Paying a PI thousands.

How to Sniff Cheater Web Tracks Cuz They are There!

Clues Right Under Your Nose Some are gross, but hey.

I relied on all of this. Tedious, but cheap and effective. Yes, this is unhealthy, but unfortunately, some of us are just built this way. The sooner you get past this nutty behavior, you will be able to take the next step. Walk away.

I hope some tidbits here will help you speed up the process and get you to that door faster.