The Tactics (software)

Create dedicated accounts for digging

You will use for your secret email account for ordering your gadgets as well as your login to the monitoring software (GPS)

  • Sign up for separate email account – Gmail is recommended
  • Sign up for separate Amazon account if you currently share with your spouse
  • Purchase a gift card to make your on line purchases
  • Have your Amazon orders shipped to an Amazon Hub Locker instead of your shared residence

This is all the sneaky sleazebag crap they do, so now you do. Also, a month to month tracker subscription will be needed for your tracker, but very reasonable. Private investigators will charge you $50 per day minimum. Ouch. You will be able to do this for $20 monthly. A sweet deal!

Email Account Uses

  • The new Amazon account (for purchasing the hardware items needed for your DIY investigation)
  • The Optimus Tracker Login
  • Spyware accounts you may purchase
  • Dropbox or online storage account for the audio or video files

For more information on the GPS Tracker see hardware