The Gadgets (hardware)

If you consider that 2 weeks or less of PI work will run you a minimum of 2k, this is not a huge financial investment, however, it it a huge investment of your time should you choose to go this DIY route.

Track the Cheater’s Whereabouts

  • Optimus Tracker (month to month Optimus Tracker GPS Subscription will be needed)
  • Magnetic Case for the Tracker

The Optimus Tracker is exact tracker I have used with great success. I think is very good, and has great support. I nailed his cheating lying sorry ass with this, but of course I wanted more so I used a recorder as well.

Record the Cheater’s Conversation

  • Hide the recorder in their car, or put underneath something near their home office desk, or put in their briefcase, try different spots…you know best. Get 2, so one will always be charged and ready for the next day
  • Velcro – it’s use #1001

Watch the Cheater’s garage and car stash

Put a Camera in your garage and review what your cheater may be storing in their car. Just do it. It’s good for your security to monitor all points of entry right? So what if you happen to see your cheater going back and forth grabbing and putting up their booty call phone in their car or under the wrench set. Just rest it up on top of the garage door opener since there should be an outlet up there.

  • 1 or more wired Wyze Cam (camera will pick up audio as well)
  • 32 GB MicroSd Card for the cam
  • Subscription for the cam (optional)

The Wyze Cam version 3 is wireless which could come in handy for more clandestine placement.