The Proof is in the Undies. Yep.

I know you have read the top ten signs that your SO is screwing around…new cologne, going to the gym, protective of their phone, blah, blah, blah…that’s so beginner. If you have a repeat offender, I assure you, they are not even going to wear cologne, they have a second phone, but for some reason, they do not consider the fact that you do their laundry. And, if you do not, well, time to be the perfect spouse and start.

So, my husband had some brown stuff all over the inside front of his boxer briefs. I smelled it. WTF? Is this? OMG … it was period blood. It sure as hell wasn’t mine. But, naturally I went out and this time bought him some white underwear to monitor the situation.

So now I am completely tuned in to his dirty underwear. And. He is not. Then I start noticing some shit stains. Like. Wow. Aren’t you a little old for this? So then I bought him some black underwear. So then when I did his laundry…I now noticed white stains on the black undies where his ass would be.

Yep. My husband was fucking around with women on their periods and also taking it in the ass from men probably married to women who had periods. My athletic, football lovin’, I’m a he-man kind of man, man, according to the black underwear I bought him is taking it in the ass. Holy Shit.

You see. Underwear really does wake up your senses. Your nose. Your eyes. and Your world.

If you really want to confirm your significant other is a lying cheating mother fucker. The answer could be right under your nose. And it may not smell super good, but it definitely WILL smell of something.