With This Book, I thee Run!

I stumbled across a forum that changed my life. I was looking for success stories as well as encouragement to leave my gaslighting, unrepentant, serial cheating husband. I looked and looked and finally found a safe haven.

Then, I read the book that the forum seemed to be built upon. I had no idea that there were terms for all the shit I did as the emotionally abused during my marriage and terms for all the shit my husband did as the emotional abuser.

Before I even finished the 1st chapter, I knew that it’s not okay to stay and hope that he changes. Whenever I felt like I was getting Whimpey, all I had to do was re-read the first 2 chapters. The day my husband moved out was one of the worst days of my life. Now that I am out of that fishbowl, I am annoyed with myself that it took a decade and then some to end my 25 year marriage to a sneaky, deceitful, entitled, remorseless mother fucker.

Are you going to continue to live with a partner who lies to your face and cheats on you ALL THE DAMN TIME? Are you going to let your partner project wholesome values and be kind and thoughtful to people he doesn’t even know and then go screw a fellow whore in a midsized car during he lunch break?

If you know you need to grow a set of horse balls, but you are stuck in the muck,. READ THIS BOOK!

I loved the audio version because the narrator sounded a lot like she had been there! The other formats also are available through this link.