Infidelity Support Forums and the Lingo

These are some forums that helped me immensely.

Quora has many forums on Infidelity, Emotional Abuse and Narcissism Abuse

I am partial to the Facebook Groups because you will find a great mix of compassion with tough love:

  • Chump Lady Nation (Infidelity Support) Pro leave the cheating A hole.
  • “Post-Infidelity Stress Disorder (PISD) – Surviving the Battle in Love”

And of course the blog which is where I got a needed dose of reality.

Here is the inevitable forum lingo:

AP: affair partner

BS: betrayed spouse

D-day: the day of discovery of an affair

Cluster B: type of personality disorders; includes narcissistic, borderline, histrionic, and antisocial

EA: emotional affair

FW: fuckwit

HW: home wrecker

IC: individual counseling

LTA: long-term affair

MC: marriage counseling (for couples)

NC: no contact

Gray rock

ONS: one night stand

OW/OM: other woman/man

Pick-me Dance: the fruitless efforts of a betrayed spouse to keep their relationship going after d-day

STBX: soon to be ex

Trickle-truth:  admitting to the bare minimum that explains the evidence, then as more evidence is discovered, admitting to just enough to encompass that evidence as well

WS wayward spouse (just refer to your cheater as a cheater, please)